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  • Powder coating finishes are applied electrostatically and cured under heat so it acts like an armor. It is more resistant to impact, moisture, corrosion, chemicals and ultraviolet light. It is less susceptible to scratches, abrasions, chipping and general wear and tear and it creates a durable finish that is substantially stronger than conventional paint. Powder coating is a solvent-free, environmentally friendly finish that virtually eliminates air and water pollution because it releases no VOCs ( volatile organic compounds ) into the atmosphere, which makes it safer for applicators and the environment.  It is one of the least expensive paint finishes available today and available in a wide range of colors.

  • No, Media Blasting is not necessary when working with metal products and NEW steel, however you will get the best performance and add quality and years of service out of a Media Blasted products. For instance, restoring parts that are rusty or already have paint on them, Media Blasting is necessary to clean the part and prepare it to be power washed by our custom washer and coated.

    Powder Coating will adhere to any metal substrate but keep in mind the condition of product brought to us MAY need Media Blasting.

  • We clean every part using a 2-7 stage wash process with our two custom-built manual wand wash stations.

  • Powder Coating’s cost is calculated by a variety of factors such as surface area, weight, complexity to hang and handle, the preparation process, and the finish chosen. D&K Powder Coating provides customers with fair and competitive pricing in today’s economy.

  • Anything metal may be powder coated. Some examples include: industrial and commercial manufacturing parts ( including steel, aluminum, zinc, cast iron and stainless ), car frames, farm equipment, railings, fencing, etc.